About Us

The XXX Steering Committee endorses the Demand Safe Schools Coalition, which consists of the following list of demands. At the district level, these demands include an equitable student assignment plan, divesting in harmful, racist practices and investing in restorative measures and practices using front-end solutions. Our demands also include returning to in-person school #OnlyWhenItsSafe. Safe, to us, includes, not only from the threat of COVID-19, but also from the trauma of police in schools, racist teachers and administrators, as well as abusive testing and culturally incompetent curriculum.

If you or your organization share these concerns, we invite local, state and national allies to join our coalition. Organizations may join as a Coalition Member and individuals may Sign Our Pledge.

Unlike other “go along to get along” groups and individuals in JCPS, the organizations listed below DO NOT unconditionally support of any proposed tax increase. Each of our Black and Black-allied grassroots organizations’ lists of demands related to JCPS will be published on the coalition website and will be reflected in any future negotiations with the district regarding the coalition’s decision to support or oppose the proposed tax increase.

Once the coalition’s leadership feels that the district has demonstrated “good faith” in responding to our demands and cooperating in the community-building process, we will notify the community via email blast and press conference. The September 29 JCPS Board of Education meeting is our target date to have commitment and a plan in place from the district, revealing how these demands will be met. Meetings have been requested. The ball is in their court.

By signing our pledge, you are agreeing to support the coalition’s demands by voting as a “voting bloc” in the November election, based upon recommendations of the coalition to support or oppose the tax increase.

Let’s send a clear message that we Stand with our most vulnerable JCPS students. Until the district can demonstrate a commitment to meet our demands and stand up for our district’s most vulnerable students, and in particular, our Black students, they have not earned the Black and Black-allied vote for the tax increase that is expected to be on the ballot this November.


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